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Keys to successful social media marketing


Marketing, whether through traditional channels or the digital landscape, one component is key to the success of any business or organization… CONTENT.

You can have the most beautiful websites or advertising, but if the content doesn’t peak the interests of the audience, it is worthless.

When websites were the way to reach an audience, a typical visitor would spend less than 30 seconds on any given site. Today, with social media, the attention span of the user is even less, which makes this question vital: How do we draw and keep attention?

Social Media Marketing is all about engagement; and engagement about interesting and impactful content. In the short time, content must spark the user’s interest and keep it. If you do, clicks and shares will follow.

Here are a few points to remember in keeping your social media marketing afloat:

  • Engage your audience – make them feel like you’re writing just for them.
  • Develop creative call to actions – let them participate and have fun.
  • Keep your promises – don’t offer the world and deliver nothing.
  • Be excellent – research and write accurate, interesting, and engaging copy.

Once a company has earned the trust and interested of the target audience, faithful followers will propel your company to a larger and more diverse audience.

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