Payment Terms

We will provide a written quote, including Terms & Conditions for service. A signed copy of the quote must accompany the first payment in order for a project to begin.

  • Payments:
    • First Payment: 1/2 of quote price in Cash or Cashier’s Check  to Connie Scott Productions.
    • Second Payment: remaining balance at project completion or 30 days later (whichever is sooner).
    • Payment Plans: at times we will offer payments plans, please contact us to discuss this option.
    • Credit Card Payments: after 1st payment, remaining payments may be paid via credit card; however, a 3.75% processing fee will be accessed to the payment amount.
  • Late Payments:
    • if a payment is 15+ days late, a $15 late fee will be accessed.
    • payments 30+ days late will be accessed a $25 late fee and site will go temporarily offline until payment is made.
    • payments 45+ days late will be accessed a $35 fee and taken offline until the complete balance owed is remitted.
  • Returned Payments: 
    • if a payment is returned insufficient funds (or any other reason), a $35 return fee will be accessed and site will remain offline until the full balance owed is received in the form of a Cashier’s Check or cleared Credit Card payment.
    • should a client cease to make payments altogether, the site will be deleted from the host. No refunds given!
  • Payment Options:
    • Square Invoice – we can send an invoice for CC payment via Square (3.75% fee per transaction).
    • Square Cash – use your smartphone and send your payment. Go to: and load the app to your phone. Your first payment of $50 or more will earn you $5.00 (and us too). Send your payment to: $CVS911
    • Venmo App – use your smartphone and use the paypal app. Go to: and download the app. Send your payments to: @CVScott
    • Cash, Business Check or Cashier’s Check – please make sure all payments are made out to Connie Scott Productions (no personal checks allowed).

*All payment should be made payable to Connie Scott.