Everything You Need

wizard-of-ozNot too long ago, I was reading through a job description. The last line in the introductory paragraph said, “We’re looking for people who… have a brain.” Admittedly, I was taken back for a moment, thinking that statement was a little rude. It made me stop and wonder if I really wanted to apply for the position. But, after a few moments, I had to laugh at that same statement.

As I prepared my resume and cover letter, I couldn’t shake, “…a brain”. Honestly, the only thing I could think of was The Wizard of Oz, and Mr. Scarecrow. If you recall, Dorthy unexpectedly lands in Oz and is directed to find the Wizard, who would be able to help her get home. So, she embarks on a journey through the Land of Oz and meets up with some unique characters along the way.

Everything they thought they lacked, they already possessed within themselves…

Her first encounter is with the Scarecrow, who is hung up on a pole in a field. As they continue down the yellow brick road, Dorthy finds out Scarecrow wants a BRAIN. Their next encounter is with the Tin Woodsman, who has seized up in the rain. They oil him and he is released, and joins the journey. They find out the Tin man wants a heart. Their next encounter is with a Lion, who tries to be fierce. They quickly realize this Cowardly Lion is more like a kitten, searching for courage.

A ragamuffin group indeed – a homesick Dorthy with these three characters searching for what they thought they so desperately needed. Throughout their journey to find the Wizard, they encounter obstacles requiring courage, heart, and brains. Each one, rising to the occasion and overcoming the hurdles they faced.

Everything you need is already on the inside of you!

When they finally reached the Emerald City and the Great & Mighty Oz, who turned out to be a little man behind lots of bells and whistles, they realized something very important. Each one of these unique characters realized everything they thought they lacked, they already possessed within themselves. The Lion was no coward – he had great courage. The Tin Woodsman had more than just a ticking watch, he had a huge heart. And, the Scarecrow, who believed he was in need of a brain, realized he had one.

What is it that you feel like you’re lacking?

Let me tell you this – Everything you need, you already possess. Everything you need is already on the inside of you! My personal belief is this: the Source of All Life has given you everything you need for this life; however, we all too often look at what we think is lack (and we see as lack), instead of seeing potential.

What you believe, you will experience!

So, wherever you are in your journey realize you truly can achieve anything. Trust that the Source of All Life has given you everything you need. Begin to see the great potential residing within, instead of what you think you lack. As you begin to see your true identity and believe, then you will experience amazing things. You will realize you have great courage, a huge heart, and a brain able to see beyond, into the unimagined!

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