Audio/Video Samples

Connie currently works at Audio Inn Recording Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, but continues to do audio engineering and mixing through Connie Scott Productions. At times, she will partner with Pool House Audio in the Seattle, Washington area or Audio Inn Recording for final mix and mastering.  Below are samples of some of the projects she’s been involved with over the years. If you’re interested in having Connie work with you on your next project, please contact us today!




Connie V. Scott

Connie V. Scott is an itinerate minister, singer/songwriter, recording artist, and published author.  To assist in creating awareness for a few live recording projects, Connie created these simple informative videos, which provide audio clips of the recordings.

Info Video:

Open Up – an informative video with audio for the Open Up CD. Connie recorded this live event, edited the project, and did pre-mix, which then went to our partners at Pool House Audio for final mix & mastering.


Audio Samples:

3-Fold Cord – a wedding song Connie wrote for a friend.  Connie recorded and mixed this small project.

Covenant Keeping God – title track from live CD by Connie Scott.  Connie recorded, edited, and did initial mix.

Transform – a new song Connie wrote and dedicated to the “Gathering Place” family. Connie recorded, mixed and mastered this song.




Desert Song Ministries

Wendy Jepsen (Desert Song Ministries) is a singer/songwriter based out of Ogden, Utah. Connie recorded and edited 3 of her last CDs (Song of the Bride, Deeper Still, and Meeting of the Gaze), which then went to a  partnering studio for mix and master.

Audio Sample: My Beloved Reigns – this was recorded live at a ministry event and the choir was added later.


Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas is a songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. Connie is currently working with Jeff on recording/mixing/mastering several of his new songs.

Audio Samples:

Straight Line Jack

Walk with Me


Will Baxter Band

Connie has had the privilege of working with Will and the band on several occasion; recording a few projects with them at Audio Inn Recording. They are a great soulful blues/jazz band – very talented. Check out more of their music at: Will Baxter Music

Almost December


Better Man


One Body


AlienWolf w/ Will Baxter Band

AlienWolf is an extremely talented New Orleans trumpeter, songwriter and producer. I worked with him on a few songs at Audio Inn Recording; along with Will Baxter Band – who backed Wolf’s great music.

Clouds of Marz

Trumpet of the Wolf



Mountain Country

Mountain Country is a good ol’ fashioned country-bluegrass band Connie recently worked with at Audio Inn. Enjoy these samples from their first CD – Home Grown. Check them out at: Mountain Country

Home Grown Music

Giddy Up & Go